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Your TV Antenna Installation Expert 

What we do

Is it 30 degrees outside and you have nothing but snow on TV? Have you a jumpy picture, poor sound, bad reception? There could be a number of reasons for this, you might be in a poor signal or black spot area or your existing TV and antenna may need a tune up to work effectively with some of the new technologies that have emerged in recent years. Either way it’s time to let the television antenna installation experts at Athelstone Antennas put you back in the picture. We run a spectrum analysis, after which we can advise you on the best way to improve television picture quality, and the overall reception.



With over thirty five years of experience in hi-tech communications, including fifteen years in IT, earning certifications from international companies such as Cisco, Juniper, Krone and Nortel.


Athelstone Antennas offers:

  • Digital Antennas Installation and Satellite antenna systems
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Technical explanations made simple
  • Affordable parts and service
  • Improve television picture quality
  • Dramatically improved sound

Our commitment

Whilst installing all types of TV antenna and Home Theatre systems, Athelstone Antennas specialise in very poor signal or black spot areas, where satellite systems are the only option. With many clients over 50, seniors or pension discounts are available.


We can also give effective training on the features of the new television, recording and home theatre equipment or advice on alternative options.





Digital Antennas Installation



Advanced diagnostics



Improve television picture quality